Bush Declares Executive Branch Above All Laws

The White House has a new legal strategy in its arsenal- we’ll call it the “Screw you and the horse you rode in on” theory. Basically what it amounts to is the President declaring that any time he asserts executive privilege on anything the matter ends then and there. No questions, no subpoenas, no answers, […]


Congressional Oversight Inquiries Annoying White House

Can we all send out a big BOO HOO to the Bush administration? Apparently, all the congressional investigations taking place under Democratic control is just too much for the Bushie to handle. After 6 years of rubber-stampers at their beck and call, Team Bush is beginning to feel the heat. And apparently, just too hot […]

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The Bloomberg Conundrum

He used to be a Democrat. Then he decided to become a Republican when he ran (and was elected) for mayor of New York City. Now he’s switched course again, renouncing his political affiliation to either party and instead joined the growing ranks of non-affiliated registered voters. Michael Bloomberg. The self-made billionaire turned politician who […]


Cheney Asserts Independence From Executive Branch-Is The Vice-President Now An Official ‘Rogue’ Element In Our Government?

Vice-President Dick Cheney has obviously spent too much time in “undisclosed” locations because since 2003 he has directed his office to quit complying with Executive Order 12958 that requires the National Archives to inspect federal agencies and White House offices to ensure that they are complying with the security procedures regarding classified information. In a […]

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Grad Night Promises To Be A Blast

ABC News has reported that a recent ‘Suicide Bomb Training Graduation Ceremony’ has concluded with large teams of would-be martyr’s headed for points unknown in England, Germany, Canada, and the United States to spread fear, mayhem, and terror by means of suicide bombings. This photo (again from ABC News) shows a proud schoolmaster and teaching […]


Lieberman: Let’s Bomb Iran Too!

There’s something about being an independent politician that must allow these maverick “people’s candidates” to feel free to speak their minds, especially when doing so goes against the grain of not just their supposed “peers,” but most of the country (including their constituents) as well. Sometimes, these kinds of political statements are refreshing, opening what […]


Liberators, Occupiers, or Catalysts For Chaos

For a brief moment, despite the now overwhelming evidence that the Iraq War was based on a crumbling foundation of lies, the American and British overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s despotic rule in Iraq could have been seen as the liberation of an oppressed people. In that brief moment, the hopes of western nations that a […]


Cowardly Democrats Choose Politics Over America

Most of us are under no illusion about politicians-from either party. We eye them cynically even as we hope that they will do the right things. We know they manipulate the facts, yet we still chance to believe in the things they promise. We want to believe even when experience tells us we shouldn’t. After […]


Hey Mr. Carter! Don’t Apologize For Giving Gravity To What Most Americans Already Think

I always liked Jimmy Carter, even more so after he left the White House. Modern historians look at the Carter presidency as being not the best or the worst, but rather somewhere in the middle. Carter assumed the helm at a low point in American confidence. The national psyche suffered from PTSD brought on by […]


Mafia Politics- Or Why I’m Almost Missing John Ashcroft

John Ashcroft, for all his evangelical world view mentality, is beginning to look like some kind of Hall of Justice Superhero when compared with Alberto Gonzales. And that’s saying a lot about a man who needed to cover up a statue to obscure her nude breasts, a statue which would have gone mostly unnoticed had […]