Despite Historic Obama Election, Bush Still Has 77 Days In Which To Make Things Even Worse

Despite yesterday’s historic election that has made Barack Obama the next president, let us not forget that we still have 77 days of George W. Bush to contend with. Because believe me, Bush isn’t forgetting that he’s still the Decider in Chief until January 20th. Outgoing presidents like to “tie up loose ends” and place […]


An Election To Remember

It’s not often that we actually can feel the sense of being a part of an historic moment. Today is that day. I’ve voted at the same location for over five years. In those five years, I can not ever remember seeing more than about ten people at the poll at the same time as […]


Election Coverage Fatigue?

Okay- a few days ago, Steve O asked what we’d all be doing on Election Night. As some of you may know, I am a television producer for a local television station in San Diego. Election night is a big thing for TV news, but I don’t work in the news department, so instead of […]


More on “Socialism” and “Wealth Redistribution”

Last week, I put together a short video about the history of socialism in America. (In case you missed it, you can watch it here.) Whether you want to admit it or not, America is now, and has for some time been, a nation filled with socialism and wealth redistribution. It is how we pay […]


Socialism-As American As Apple Pie

John McSame wants you to think socialism is the worst thing in the world. Guess what…socialism has a long tradition in America. (original video by Ken Grandlund- cross posted at Bring It On!)


Jesus Says NO to Prop. 8

If you use religion to deny equality, how does that NOT make yours a religion of HATE? (original video by Ken Grandlund- cross posted at Bring It On!)


Timeline To Tyranny

Will Americans get a chance to vote for a new president? Take a look at one frightening possibility in my latest video creation-Timeline to Tyranny. Here’s hoping I’m completely wrong, that we all get a chance to vote and that Bush is sent packing- and McCain too! If I’m right though, I’ll try to hook […]


George W. Bush- The Corporate Bail-Out King

If George W. Bush is looking for a legacy (or maybe just a place in the Guiness Book of World Records) he should lobby hard for his place as America’s Bail-Out King, because he is far and away Numero Uno in this hardly coveted category. A look at his financial accomplishments: Airline Industry bail-out (2001) […]


Bailout Selling Points Don’t Add Up

I’ve been hearing it again and again, ever since the Bush Administration came up with it’s financial bailout scheme- if we give the banks and financiers $700 Billion of taxpayer money to buy up the “toxic” debt, down the road, the taxpayers will probably profit in the long run. HUH?!? Okay- the banks hold the […]


After Spending A Week Excoriating Wall Street For “Spending Like A Drunken Sailor,” House Quietly Passes $633 Billion Spending Bill Loaded With Pork

After spending more than a week deriding the excesses of Wall Street and comparing the nations financial industry players to “drunken sailors on leave,” the U.S. house of Representatives quietly passed a $633 BILLION omnibus spending bill yesterday loaded with pork projects. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. In the midst of “the […]