You may have noticed a new banner on the right side for the 2005 Koufax Awards. I’d never heard of these blog awards until this year, but apparently they recognize writers and blogs for a variety of categories. It was a surprise to me that I was nominated in the ‘Best Series’ category, for my four part series on Health Care. To be completely fair, these honorary awards are bestowed upon “progressive, liberal, or democratic” blogs, and although I do not claim membership in the Democratic Party, when it comes to social issues, I decidedly lean more left than right.

Out of the thousands of political blogs, it is an honor to know that one of my readers felt my writing good enough to nominate. To cut through all the clutter in the blogosphere and get people to think about the issues we all face is the whole point of Common Sense. To have achieved that goal is honor enough.

But c’mon, there’s also bragging rights at stake here. I have posted links to all four articles under the Koufax banner for you to read, should you care to offer me a vote. If you wish to do so, click the banner and you will be taken to the category, where your comment will count as a vote. There are just a few days left until the initial votes will be used to determine a finalist round. So far, I’m about a dozen short. But even though the leaders are some pretty big name blogs, I am running in the upper middle of the pack. Every vote really does count. I’d like to be in that finalist group, if you think my series has merit.

There are some other blogging friends being nominated also…Courting Destiny in Best Writing and Best Blog (non-professional), Bring It On for Best Blog Community, Brother Kenya’s Paradigm for Most Deserving of Wider Recognition and Best New Blog, Bob Geiger for Best Post, and Me4President for Most Humerous Blog. Give them a vote too, if you happen to head over.

So thanks for your continued readership and thoughtful comments. I guess I’ll keep this up for a while longer. You can also catch shorter pieces that I write from time to time at Bring It On to supplement your reading here. Along with my diary entries, you will find a whole host of great writers to read and converse with.

Thanks for your indulgence. Continue reading below for the most recent posts. I’ll return with more news next week.