Alaskan Republican voters must really hate America and the whole concept of honor, since they overwhelmingly supported indicted Senator Ted “Internet is a series of Tubes” Stevens, giving him 63% of the votes against a field of six other republican challengers in that states recent primary election.

Really? Were none of those other six candidates crooked enough for the Alaskan GOP? Not enough bribes under theie belts? Not enough willingness to fleece American taxpayers out of tax revenue so another stupid bridge over an ice field could be built? Is this the best the Alaska GOP has to offer to the U.S. Senate?

Or maybe this is just indicitive of why the GOP in general is so rotten to the core. See, instead of opting for a clean start and gaining back some credibility as a party that wants to work FOR America, the GOP in Alaska prefers to try to hold on to their senatorial seniority so someone can keep bringing the pork back home.

The GOP is ripe with rotten fruit, and Stevens is just the lowest pit on the branch today. It would have been pretty easy to tell the old codger to take a hike and turn the page towards a better, more honorable representative, but the GOP will do anything to keep the Democrats from gaining a solid majority, even if that means holding on to a federally indicted bribe taker through the election.

Odds are that Stevens will be brought to justice sooner than later. But for the GOP, holding on to a loser is a way of life. One need look no farther than the White House to see how resistant the GOP is to saying, “We were wrong.”

What’s next? McCain-DeLay ’08 Bumper Stickers?

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