The Bush Administration, in their never-ending battle to fight against good science, a clean and diverse environment, and other assorted evil-doers, is considering doing away with national health standards that cut lead from gasoline, a feat widely regarded as one of the nation’s most successful clean-air accomplishments. Because, well, who really cares about people anyway?

Bowing to pressure from the sadly misunderstood corporate creators of lead products (battery makers, lead smelters, and gasoline refiners), a preliminary staff report from the EPA acknowledged a consideration to drop the health standards for lead air pollution. Saying that “significantly changed circumstances” justify scrapping the lead air pollution ban, something in effect for 30 years now. The EPA notes that levels of lead in the atmosphere have dropped nearly 90% since the ban went into effect in 1976, ergo, now that the air is mostly lead free, we can start building up lead levels again.

This is just another classic Bush Administration idiot move to benefit corporations over the health of American citizens. Exposure to lead has been linked to numerous health issues, including being a leading cause of nerve damage, especially in children.

What’s next? Shall we disband the environmental protections for drinking water too? Oh, wait…looks like Bush is one step ahead of me on this one too. What a visionary. What a decider. What an asshat!

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