Concluding his final meeting with world leaders at the G8 summit, U.S. President George W. Bush pumped his fist into the air and boldly announced, “Goodbye from the world’s biggest polluter.”

Probably thinking he was being amusing, Bush got no props from the other world leaders who stood by with looks of shock on their faces.

It’s well known around the world that Bush cares little for the environmental well being of this (or probably any other) planet. He unilaterally withdrew the US from any kind of climate action¬†treaties upon taking office and spent the first 6 years denying that the world faced any real threat from manmade pollution. He purposfully degraded the EPA and made attempts to politicize its findings. And when the EPA sent the president an e-mail report decrying the problems with greenhouse gas pollutants, Bush just ignored them altogether. He didn’t even open the report.¬†

As if to punctuate his public “Fuck Off World” message he left the G8 leaders with, US lawmakers announced today that no efforts to tackle greenhouse emissions will occur until AFTER Bush leaves office. This is a tacit acceptance by the EPA that Bush will only delay or deny efforts to reduce greenhouse pollution while still at the helm.

Here’s to hoping that all of Bush’s future progeny are born with extra limbs and deformed gonads.

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