Despite Historic Obama Election, Bush Still Has 77 Days In Which To Make Things Even Worse

Despite yesterday’s historic election that has made Barack Obama the next president, let us not forget that we still have 77 days of George W. Bush to contend with. Because believe me, Bush isn’t forgetting that he’s still the Decider in Chief until January 20th. Outgoing presidents like to “tie up loose ends” and place […]


After Claiming Clinton A Failure On North Korea, Why Is Bush Deal Being Lauded As A Success?

Neo-conservatives and the Bush Administration like to paint the 1994 Agreed Framework deal on North Korea’s nuclear program as a failure of Bill Clinton’s foreign policy efforts. They point out that North Korea continued to manufacture plutonium after agreeing not to, and that their breach of the agreement amounts to Bill Clinton having let the North […]


Unregulated Capitalism and The Mortgage Crisis

Conservatives have a mantra- the market is king. They feel that any government regulation of business activity is too much, and further, that if a consumer is too “stupid” to understand all the fine print legalese then too bad, so sad. To make money is the ultimate goal, regardless of who you throw under the […]


Now That She’s Really Lost The Nomination, Clinton May Be “Open” To VP Slot

The Washington Times already has a piece up: Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday she’s open to the possibility of being Barack Obama’s vice presidential running mate, a Democratic party aide said. Clinton, who appears on the verge of losing the Democratic presidential nomination to Obama, made the comment in a conference call with fellow members […]


Clinton Calls It Quits, Joins McCain Ticket for ’08

In a surprise move, campaign officials for democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton are to announce April 1 that the New York Senator is withdrawing from the Democratic presidential primaries and is joining Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s ticket as his running mate. Political insiders and beltway pundits alike were surprised at the timing of the […]


No Taming This Shrew-Hillary Finally Showing Her True Colors

“I think you’ll be able to imagine many things Senator McCain will be able to say.“He’s never been the president, but he will put forth his lifetime of experience. I will put forth my lifetime of experience. Senator Obama will put forth a speech he made in 2002.” – Hillary Clinton before the Texas and […]


Obama Can Do For America What Hillary And McCain Could Never Do

They say all politics is local, right? That may be true for school boards and city councils, and it might even hold for national congressional elections too. But when it comes to U.S. presidential elections, there’s nothing local about them, at least not for the rest of the world. Being the planets lone superpower means […]


Electing Obama Only The First Step Towards Real Change In Government

The push to select Barack Obama as the Democratic presidential candidate continues to build as Obama won his 11th straight primary victory, winning 65% of the votes cast by Americans abroad in what was billed the “global primary.” As the candidates move towwards the Ohio and Texas primaries, Clinton campaign officials, including ex-President and potential […]


The Difference Between Obama & Clinton: "We" vs. "I"

It’s history now, the South Carolina primary, that is. Barack Obama trounced “Mrs. Inevitable” Clinton and “Home State Johnny” Edwards in that southern state on Saturday, reigniting his campaign and making his chance at winning the Democratic nomination even better than before. And while the Obama campaign celebrated their victory, the Clinton campaign could only […]


Iowans Buck Media Favorites, Forego "Frontrunners" And Think For Themselves

In the first presidential primary of 2008, Iowans have sent a message to the MSM, their fellow Americans, and the candidates. That message: Don’t tell US who to vote for! We’ll make up our own minds, thank you. For the last year, the MSM has been non-stop in promoting its version of the general election: […]