Note To Congress: When America Voted For Change, We Were Talking About You Too

Frankly, I don’t care how much past service or time in office any of our politicians may have. This is a new game, and yesterday’s “achievements” mean little or nothing in a Post-Bush world. Especially when, for a great number of our so-called leaders, those “achievements” can be directly tied to the place we find […]


An Election To Remember

It’s not often that we actually can feel the sense of being a part of an historic moment. Today is that day. I’ve voted at the same location for over five years. In those five years, I can not ever remember seeing more than about ten people at the poll at the same time as […]


More on “Socialism” and “Wealth Redistribution”

Last week, I put together a short video about the history of socialism in America. (In case you missed it, you can watch it here.) Whether you want to admit it or not, America is now, and has for some time been, a nation filled with socialism and wealth redistribution. It is how we pay […]


Timeline To Tyranny

Will Americans get a chance to vote for a new president? Take a look at one frightening possibility in my latest video creation-Timeline to Tyranny. Here’s hoping I’m completely wrong, that we all get a chance to vote and that Bush is sent packing- and McCain too! If I’m right though, I’ll try to hook […]



Our Government Is Worthless

In 2006, voters turned out the Republican majority that had turned Congressinto a rubber-stamping machine for an idiot president. Their hope-no, their insistence- that our government stop the abuses of power perpetrated by an executive branch run amok, gave Democrats a slim majority in the Senate and a slightly larger majority in the House. The […]


How Bush Turned The Constitution Inside Out

“Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!” -George W. Bush, November, 2005 The context for the above quote lies in a meeting President Bush had with Congressional Republicans and aides back in 2005 when they were discussing how to renew the Patriot Act. His outburst came after an […]


Picking A President In America- Is Anybody Paying Attention?

I recently finished reading a book called The Summer of 1787. It was an historical account of the drafting of the U.S. Constitution based on the writings of (convention secretary and 4th president) James Madison and other delegates to that convention. The book details the struggle to craft a charter for our fledgling government, and […]


Bush Declares Executive Branch Above All Laws

The White House has a new legal strategy in its arsenal- we’ll call it the “Screw you and the horse you rode in on” theory. Basically what it amounts to is the President declaring that any time he asserts executive privilege on anything the matter ends then and there. No questions, no subpoenas, no answers, […]


Cowardly Democrats Choose Politics Over America

Most of us are under no illusion about politicians-from either party. We eye them cynically even as we hope that they will do the right things. We know they manipulate the facts, yet we still chance to believe in the things they promise. We want to believe even when experience tells us we shouldn’t. After […]