Pot Propaganda Alive & Well

For anyone who’s studied the history of marijuana prohibition in the United States, it’s pretty clear that financial greed was at the heart of taking a magnificently useful plant off the market to make way for the petrochemical industry, as well as the textile and paper industries. Prior to hemp’s becoming illegal, it was used […]


Wake Up America!

For those of you out there who still stand in support of your elected federal officials, I have only one question: Why? This is the America they have brought to reality today: Education is falling farther behind the rest of the world, including some third world countries. Science and math scores are at all time […]


Two Things To Think About

Waging War on Americans According to the FBI’s latest annual uniform crime report, the Bush Administration is doing a spectacular job in combating what is surely this nation’s number one problem- marijuana users. In fact, more people were arrested for marijuana offenses last year than at any time in this country’s history. Over 770,000 people […]


Ending the War on Drugs

In 1933, the Congress of the United States passed the 21st Article to the U.S. Constitution, repealing the prohibition of alcohol. In doing so, they recognized that rather than reduce the use of alcohol, by making it an illegal substance they had only exacerbated its influence on society. Instead of making this country a safer […]