Pope Tells Africans That Death Is Better Than Condoms

Well, maybe not in those exact words. But in another sign that official Catholicism is more and more irrelevant and out of touch with reality, Pope benedict did tell a group of African bishops that the only proven cure for AIDS is belief in church dogma. “The traditional teaching of the church has proven to […]


The Cost of Food For A Week

My family of three spends about $400 a month at grocery stores for food and probably another $200 a month dining out or buying extras for cook-outs. Included in this budget is fresh produce and meat, organic dairy products, and a small assortment of snack (junk food) items. Also included in this budget is non-consumables […]


Food Pantries Facing Serious Shortages

Higher fuel costs are increasing the cost of food. The push towards corn-based biofuels has increased the cost of food too. And a stagnant economy has tightened the budgets of Americans everywhere. Economic numbers put forth by the government never account for food and fuel costs when determining the “state of the economy,” allowing them […]


The Hypocrisy of Tobacco Taxation (Or Why The Government Really Wants You To Smoke)

As Congress struggles to pass legislation that will keep SCHIP (State Children’s Health Insurance Program) funded, they once again turn to tobacco taxation as the key. Depending on which bill you look at (House or Senate) the proposed federal tax increase on tobacco would be 45 or 61 cents (per pack of cigarettes). Tobacco taxation, […]


Piece By Piece, Administration Exposed

(The last week or so has exposed even more the callousness and crookedness of the Bush Administration. From some of my posts over at Bring It On!…) No ‘Plan B’ For Iraq If Surge Fails In what has become typical Team Bush fashion, it turns out that there is no Plan B for Iraq if […]


Bush Doctrine of Outsourcing Government Directly Responsible for Meltdown At Walter Reed

I’ve said it before– that President Bush’s zealous drive to ‘outsource’ as much of the federal government as possible to his corporate benefactors under the guise of ‘smaller, more efficient government’ is little more than a transfer of wealth from the masses to the few. Another tragic result of such massive outsourcing has been the […]


Sorry, No Vacancy

Imagine you’re enjoying a nice evening at home after a long day at work when the unthinkable happens…you start feeling a pain in your chest that quickly spreads into your arms. You become lightheaded, nauseous, and pale. You feel as if your heart is racing a hundred miles an hour. You are having a heart […]


This is ‘Government by, for, and of the People?’

As if we weren’t already aware that our nation’s experiment in ‘government by the people, for the people, and of the people’ hasn’t gone wildly astray, here’s a news item that more clearly explains the problems facing average Americans as they try to take back their government from the corrupt politicians and corporations that are […]


Much Ado About Many Things

When I woke up this morning, my roof was still covering me from the elements of nature, my bed and blankets were still keeping me warm. I enjoyed a nice hot shower and slipped into some newly purchased apparel and went downstairs to get breakfast for my daughter and myself. After getting her safely on […]


One Man’s Abortion Story

At one of my favorite websites, Bring It On, I have recently been privileged to have heard the thoughts and experiences of some wonderful women on the topic of abortion. Pia, Miz Bohemia, and Shayna have all written brilliant and touching essays on the subject. I thank them for their candor and bravery in sharing […]