Odds & Ends From Bring It On!

Regular readers know that I write on another blog, Bring It On! I post there several times a week, usually on more topical issues or on events that don’t lend themselves to a longer posts. In addition to my posts, there are several other talented, regular contributor’s who post with regularity and a number of […]


Protecting the Border For Illegals and Drug Smugglers

Imagine that you work for the Border Patrol and that a big part of your job involves stopping the flow of illegal immigrants and illegal drugs from crossing the border. Imagine further that as part of your training you become Task Force certified from the DEA, collect hundreds of arrests and thousands of pounds of […]


The Effects of Immigration on National Security

One of the gaping holes in America‚Äôs national security network is unchecked illegal immigration. If this were only a problem of presenting an opportunity for enemy agents to gain entry into the country, that would still be too much. But the inability of the government to eliminate illegal immigration also plays havoc on the economic […]