Don’t Tread On Me Either

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.  To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave […]


A Message To Evangelicals About The 2016 US Presidential Election

I’m puzzled by the Christians who believe that liberal social policies are an affront to their chosen faith. Liberal social policies reflect an attempt by society to create equality for all and to help those who most need help- something the Christian doctrine tells you to embrace. Far right religious institutions claim incursions onto their […]


The Difference Between Being President and Being Presidential

President Obama spoke this morning to discuss major policy initiatives regarding the handling of terror suspects at Gitmo, national security, and the need for transparency and the rule of law in government. It was a fantastic speech in both content and tenor, fairly discussing the actions and goals of the previous administration and contrasting those […]


Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That….

Some readers may remember this essay from it’s original posting on February 17, 2005. I apologize for the repeat, but this topic is one that doesn’t seem to go away and needs to be addressed with some regularity. The plight of homosexuals in this and other countries is one of the last great battles for […]


The Right to Die

If there is one thing that we can count on in life it is that someday we will die. For most people, this is not a thought that is dwelt upon; it is simply a fact of existence. We know that someday, somehow, our life will come to an end. In most cases, the time […]


Sex, Morality, and the Law

Like breathing and eating, sexual behavior is an element of the human condition that is necessary for keeping the species alive. But unlike other creatures roaming the planet, in human beings, sexual activity is more than just a means of procreation; sexual activity helps define who we are to ourselves and to others, it provides […]


Ending the War on Drugs

In 1933, the Congress of the United States passed the 21st Article to the U.S. Constitution, repealing the prohibition of alcohol. In doing so, they recognized that rather than reduce the use of alcohol, by making it an illegal substance they had only exacerbated its influence on society. Instead of making this country a safer […]


Morality and the Law

The next several essays will attempt to underscore the difference between religious morality and legal morality. In doing so, I fully understand that these next essays will probably bring about much contentious hand-wringing among my readers who will try to assert that their personal religious morals supercede social legal issues. So, before I dive into […]


And Justice For All

Any discussions about reforming the state of our legal system must necessarily include our system of civil justice. The civil justice system exists not to keep society safe from physical harm, but rather to allow individuals a place for solving disputes that do not rise to the level of criminal behavior, whether they involve private […]


Is That Really A Crime?

The final element of criminal justice reform rests in ensuring that our legal code is both just and enforceable. Too much has been written into criminal law that endeavors to regulate behavior which has no overriding social need to be regulated. Individual actions that result in no physical or financial harm to others or their […]