Sorry, No Vacancy

Imagine you’re enjoying a nice evening at home after a long day at work when the unthinkable happens…you start feeling a pain in your chest that quickly spreads into your arms. You become lightheaded, nauseous, and pale. You feel as if your heart is racing a hundred miles an hour. You are having a heart […]


Myopic America

Dictionary.com provides the following definition: my·o·pi·a (n.) Lack of discernment or long-range perspective in thinking or planning. Is it just me or have the American people fallen into a kind of stupor that allows them to accept the myopic worldview force fed to them on a daily basis by an incompetent and corrupt government and […]


This is ‘Government by, for, and of the People?’

As if we weren’t already aware that our nation’s experiment in ‘government by the people, for the people, and of the people’ hasn’t gone wildly astray, here’s a news item that more clearly explains the problems facing average Americans as they try to take back their government from the corrupt politicians and corporations that are […]


Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That….

Some readers may remember this essay from it’s original posting on February 17, 2005. I apologize for the repeat, but this topic is one that doesn’t seem to go away and needs to be addressed with some regularity. The plight of homosexuals in this and other countries is one of the last great battles for […]


The Unitary Executive Theory and the Destruction of Democracy

In the late 18th century, citizens of the American colonies rebelled against the autocratic rule of England’s King George III and established a country that was to be ruled by a representative government subject to the rule of law. In what became the first democratic experiment since the ancient Greeks and Romans, the United States […]


Reform Hits Congress- But Will Anything Change?

First there was the push for campaign finance reform. Senators McCain and Feingold patched together some legislation that would “clean up” the effects of corporate and special interest donors and eliminate their effect on politicians being bought into office. Not surprisingly, the spirit of the law was sidestepped by the proliferation of PAC’s and 527 […]


Wake Up America!

For those of you out there who still stand in support of your elected federal officials, I have only one question: Why? This is the America they have brought to reality today: Education is falling farther behind the rest of the world, including some third world countries. Science and math scores are at all time […]


Not My Party (Originally posted 1-8-05)

(I originally posted this essay one year ago today. It was important then, but now, in an election year, it is even more relevant. I urge you to consider these thoughts as we begin a year filled with political scandal of epic proportions, an out of control Administration and a Congress unwilling to rein it […]


The Lesser of Two Evils

For over 60 years, U.S. Foreign policy has been predicated upon a doctrine known as “the lesser of two evils.” In essence, this policy was used as rationale for engaging in alliances with foreign dictators whose disdain for democracy held their own countrymen in virtual bondage to their whims. These dictatorships were free to act […]


Leading By Example

In the midst of an expensive war, spiraling deficits, hurricane disaster expenses, rising energy prices, and ongoing tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and corporations, Congress had the courage Friday to extend themselves a $3,100 annual pay raise, bringing the salary for a U.S. Congressperson to $165,200 a year. I don’t know about you, but […]