More on “Socialism” and “Wealth Redistribution”

Last week, I put together a short video about the history of socialism in America. (In case you missed it, you can watch it here.) Whether you want to admit it or not, America is now, and has for some time been, a nation filled with socialism and wealth redistribution. It is how we pay […]


McCain-Palin: The Dark Side Of Politics

Everything has an opposite. Day and night. Happy and sad. Good and bad. Progression and regression. The list is endless. How does this apply to the current presidential election? It’s easy to say that Democrats and Republicans are opposites, but in truth, both parties share similar philosophies about governing. Ideologically they have some stark differences, […]


21st Century GOP

  Taking a cue from the King of Made-Up Reality, George W. Bush, the GOP and their candidates have unleashed an alternate reality that they want all Americans to believe. King George has spent the last 8 years not listening to reality. According to Bush, the economy is fine, Iraq was the best place to […]


What Sarah Palin and the GOP Really Think About Women

It’s like my good friend at Bring It On! said over here. Another reminder why this election is so important. And it’s kind of sad we have to still be going down this road. After all, with record debts, a failing economy, energy concerns, environmental concerns, wars abroad and the whole lot of corruption and internal destruction […]


Another Look At Sarah Palin

You’ve heard what the GOP has to say about Sarah Palin. You’ve heard from Sarah Palin herself about who she says she is. Now here’s something from a lady in Alaska who says she’s known Sarah Palin since her days in Wasilla. Originally sent as an e-mail to her friends and then posted as a […]


Any More Questions?

                                  (photo courtesy of Pensito Review) Damn. How can America say “No” to this? I mean, not only is she classy enough to wear the Stars and Stripes as a bikini, she had the presence of mind to remember […]