150 Years Later, Public Acceptance of Evolution in U.S. Still Struggles

150 years ago, Charles Darwin put forth the theory of evolution based on natural selection. Layers and layers of scientific evidence have since proven many of his theories to have merit and evolution is mostly accepted as fact by the scientific community. But what about the general public? The last major public survey I could […]


We’re Blinded To The Science

When it comes to being a world leader in the sciences, America is losing ground. Speaking at a science summit that opens this week’s first World Science Festival, the expert panel of scientists, and audience members, agreed that the United States is losing stature because of a perceived high-level disdain for science. They cited U.S. […]


Can Humanity Take The Next Step?

Spring…a time of growth, or regrowth if you will… From our first footsteps as modern humans, our species has moved forward, stretching our potential as we improved our mortal condition, each new step taking thousands of years before its imprint could be seen. It took humanity about 190,000 years to move from the Stone Age […]


Social and Economic Breakdown- Or Why Conservatives Should Want To Fight Global Warming

First, let me say that the title to this post is imperfect, but it’s the best I could do. Clearly, not all ‘conservatives’ decry the fact that the Earth’s climate is changing, or that it is because of human activity that those changes are occurring. Further, ‘global warming’ is somewhat imprecise, as the climate changes […]


Bush Tries Using Eminent Domain In Space

President Bush has pissed off a lot of people around the world with his unilateralist bent, his unwillingness to grasp nuanced diplomacy, and his unrelenting charge towards destabilization and mass chaos. Yet for a man like the president, it’s not a question of who you irritate, but whether you’ve done anything to irritate them recently. […]


Culture of Life- Frozen Embryos and Stem Cell Research

60 Minutes, the popular CBS news magazine show, recently did a story on the issue of frozen embryos, stem cell research, and the seeming discrepancy between President Bush’s ‘pro-life’ policy which prohibits federal dollars for embryonic stem cell research because it causes the destruction of the embryo and the fact that thousands of embryos are […]


The Future of Energy

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy energized the imagination and aspirations of this nation with a challenge that was, for its time, simply fantastic. At the dawn of the space age, President Kennedy made it a national goal to send a man to the moon and return him to Earth safely. No matter that such […]