Special Anniversary: The Stamp Act

It was 241 years ago today that King George III and the English parliament enacted the Stamp Act on the American colonies, further setting the stage for our eventual Revolution and Independence. For those who don’t remember high school history (or were never taught it in the first place) the Stamp Act was enacted by […]


Taxation Without Rationalization

It is often said that the only things you can really count on are death and taxes. Of the two, death is probably easier to accept. Death, at least, is fairly applied to everyone. Taxes, on the other hand, are a complicated, unequal, seemingly arbitrary and often manipulated endeavor. And while we all can accept […]


It’s The Economy, Stupid

Nothing puts a glaze into the eyes of average citizens quite like discussing economic theory. At best, it’s a confusing topic. Start injecting things like gross domestic product, prime interest rate, futures pricing, trade subsidies, and compound interest and you’ve pretty much lost most of your audience. But talk to the average person about money, […]


Affordable Health Care Does Not Mean Free Health Care

Proponents of comprehensive national health care fall short of the mark when it comes to proposing an equitable plan to pay for it. Naturally, the first thing we can do about making sure people can afford health care is to reduce the entire price structure, focusing medicine back on care and less on profit. And, […]


The Doctor Will Be With You Shortly…

One of the most frequent complaints about our medical system is the lack of availability to doctors and facilities, commonly referred to as “access to care.” Several factors have converged to create this problem, not least among them a decreasing number of doctors, a decreasing number of facilities, an increasing population, and a greater demand […]


Your Money or Your Life- The Costs of Health Care

Health care costs are the fastest growing expenses for businesses and families. Even those with health insurance can find themselves in serious debt after one medical emergency. Office visits, treatment and medication costs, co-pay’s and monthly premiums add up to thousands of dollars each year, yet the covered care options lessen. What drives the costs […]


Is There A Doctor in the House?

Despite our individual differences, there is one fundamental aspect of being human that everyone shares- we all experience illness at some point in our lives. Some people are lucky, and only succumb to a cold every few years. Some people are accident prone, often getting scrapes, breaks, or bruises. Still other people suffer from debilitating […]


Salvaging Social Security’s Retirement Benefits

With the implementation of the National Whole Life Pension Plan, one of the problems facing national retirement reform is removed from the puzzle. The Whole Life Pension Plan would replace the current system for future generations, leaving us to concentrate on salvaging the current system for those of us who have already been born. Unfortunately, […]


The National Whole Life Pension Plan

IMPORTANT NOTE: Readers are advised that the plan presented in the following essay is one which would apply to future generations and would not directly benefit current workers except in such a way as to remove the burden of repairing the current retirement program for future generations. This plan would run parallel to the current […]


Crafting a National Pension Plan

Opponents of a national retirement program, commonly referred to simply as “Social Security,” tend to take the view that each person is responsible for their own costs of living and that a secure retirement is something to be enjoyed by those fortunate enough to have earned enough money throughout one’s lifetime to sustain themselves for […]