I’m not sure this blog gets all that much traffic anymore. It shouldn’t really, unless you’re linking back to older political material I wrote in the period 2005-2009. It’s a new time now, a new era of resistance. I have created RedBluePurple.org as the new home for my political journey and invite you to join […]


Starting Again-It’s Good To Be Back

I like to think I’m a smart guy. When I was young, I got really good grades. I did well on standardized tests. I read a lot and have a little bit of knowledge about a lot of different things. I can follow logical progressions, think critically, and am quick with a quip. I can […]


The American Dream -Part One

Dream or Trap ? 1212 You know that feeling you get when you find out you’ve been had? The one where you roll your eyes back a bit and think to yourself, “You sure fell for that one.” Sometimes you can laugh at your own empty-headedness and appreciate that the joke is on you. But […]


Back From The Darkness of Computer Code Hell

Shortly after my last post in August 2009, this site experienced a disruption in the back end code that sent Common Sense into a tailspin of unreachability. After much patience and the coding talents of my friend (and site designer Anna) this blog is back in business…just in time for a new year! If there […]


Obama Sets New Path For American Foreign Policy, Addresses Arab World

In his first foreign interview, President Obama sat down with Al-Arabiya television and discussed his initial goals for American foreign policy, both in general and towards the Arab world in particular. As I read through the transcript (you can read it here) I was impressed by the words and the tone, but also by the […]


9 Out Of 10 Say High Gas Prices Will Cause Serious Hardship

Can I get a “No Shit Sherlock” from the group? A recent AP-Yahoo poll shows that consumers don’t have a rosy outlook for their financial futures any time soon. Because of high gas prices. From cancelled vacations to finding new jobs, people are struggling to cope with the high price of fuel. And they don’t […]