If George W. Bush is looking for a legacy (or maybe just a place in the Guiness Book of World Records) he should lobby hard for his place as America’s Bail-Out King, because he is far and away Numero Uno in this hardly coveted category.

A look at his financial accomplishments:

Airline Industry bail-out (2001) $19 Billion

Fannie Mae-Freddie Mac bail-out (2008) $200 Billion

Bear Stearns bail-out (2008) $30 Billion

AIG bail-out (2008) $85 Billion

Wall Street Comprehensive bail-out (2008) $700 Billion

Auto Industry bail-out (2008) $25 Billion (passed as part of the Wall Street comprehensive bail-out)

Fed Bank bail-out (2008) $99 Billion (additional $$ pledged AFTER the Treasury Dept. bail-out of Wall Street)

Military-Mercenary Industry Give-away (2001-2008) $713 billion

Tax Cuts for the Wealthy bail-out (2001-2008) $1.3 Trillion

GRAND TOTAL: $3.171 Trillion dollars

Interestingly enough, the federal deficit since Bush took office has risen almost $3.8 Trillion.

And the GOP is worried that the Democrats will engineer the largest transfer of wealth in this country’s history? Give me a break already.

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