It’s the dominant religion in the U.S. claiming around 80% of the population as followers- clearly a majority. And they’ve got the government to do their bidding. Not a day goes by, it seems, that the world’s most powerful, secular-democratic legislative body in the world isn’t pandering to the Christian crowd. (Okay, to be fair, they’re really just sleeping with the far right element of the religiously minded, a minority of the majority if you will.)

Whether it’s tackling the vital issues of the day (gay marriage and flag burning) or ignoring those pesky problems that keep cropping up (mounting war deaths, skyrocketing energy and health care prices, a sluggish economy), this Congress is always there for their holier-than-thou base. Today was no exception as the members of the House managed to squeeze in the important national crisis revolving around the Mt. Soledad Cross in San Diego.

The history of the cross is now long and sordid, but to boil things down quickly, the cross was originally built on city property and maintained with city tax dollars. In the 1950’s, the current 29 foot cement cross was built and still stands there today. In the late 80’s the city was sued to remove the cross on the grounds that its ownership and care of the cross by the city and with tax funds violated the state constitution. In what became a long-running tug of war, the city lost that suit and 8 other court actions. Voters in the city approved one transfer, then rescinded, then reapproved. The city council sold, reclaimed, resold, reclaimed, and tried to donate the land. The mayor begged the president for help. The Supreme Court turned down one request to get involved and then recently issued a stay of all action. No one, it seems, can be consistent with this issue, except maybe the California Constitution which all of the court rulings were based on that states that

State, County and local units of government can not use tax money or grant property to aid of any religious sect, church, creed, or sectarian purpose.

But Congress has come to the rescue, by way of San Diego area Congressmen Duncan Hunter (R), Darrell Issa (R), and Brian Bilbray(R) aka, Duke Cunninghams Pinch Runner, voting today (349-74) to accept the City of San Diego’s offer of the land as a donation to the National Parks system. The president has already indicated he’ll not use his newly found veto power (which he use to placate the zealot base by denying federal funds for research involving frozen embryonic stem cells.) So the Senate now has the chance to take up the cause.

Congress also did the hard work of telling the Judicial Branch that they should have no jurisdiction over the words in the Pledge of Allegience. Meaning ‘under God’ stays in there at all costs so long as the republicans stay in charge.

Is Christianity in such need of defense that over a decades worth of local and federal elected officials, judges and court personnel, elections employees, and many millions of tax payer dollars should be spent defending a giant cement cross? Is this what really matters to Christians? What about all that stuff about worshipping graven images? What about helping the less fortunate and peace and love? And do you really think Jesus wants to come back and see crosses all over the place? Talk about PTSD…..

So that’s it! No more whining from the 20 percenters on the far right about the War on Christmas or the sob stories about kids being able to pray in school. You’re clearly steering the ship, even if you’re the only ones on it. While the rest of the country is worried about the economy, the environment, health care, war, security, and education, Team Right-Wing Christian has Congress bowing to your religious wish list- a cross on every corner, a camera in every bedroom, and a plague on all who oppose them.

You may hold the short hairs of Congress now, but your over-zealousness to turn America into a theocracy will be your own worst enemy. Why don’t you listen to your savior and do unto others.

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