The California Supreme Courts groundbreaking decision in favor of same-sex marriages is already bearing unexpected fruit. Due to a New York court ruling that said same-sex marriages legally performed outside of New York would be recognized as having equal legal status to heterosexual marriages, California may well become the Mecca for Gay Marriage.

Previously, only Massachusetts recognized same-sex marriages, but the state’s residency requirements have made it arduous for same-sex couples to obtain legal marriages in that state if they don’t live there. Now, with California handing out its first same-sex marriage licenses starting June 17th, and with New York formally recognizing out-of state same-sex marriages, California’s sunny beaches may become a popular wedding-honeymoon destination for America’s besotted same-sex couples.

Now we have the nations two most populous states saying that under the law and in the eyes of Justice, same-sex marriages are equal to opposite-sex marriages. Could it be that the “Defense of Marriage” no longer looms high on the minds of even the most right of center voters? Could it be that mainstream America has finally tired of the tirades against their friends and sons and moms and brothers? Could it be that one two many GOP mis-stances finally exposed the hypocrisy behind the rhetoric? Perhaps it is all those things…

For opponents of equality among their fellow citizens the news is not good. Having lost in the California courts, they’re trotting out their tired old constitutional amendment proposition-which voters had favored in principal in the past-for a November ballot measure. But a new poll shows voters leaning in favor of the court ruling and accepting (if not embracing) the move towards true human equality.

It almost restores hope that humanity can progress. 

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