If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Ignore ‘Em

There were no overt surprises in the President’s address to the nation. Since late last week, the basic outline of the speech had been reprinted throughout the MSM and blogosphere. And it should be no surprise that Bush is remaining true to form, that is, as myopic and stubborn as ever. Despite the fact that […]


The People Have Spoken

Democrats will retake control of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate too as voters across the United States sent a message to lawmakers in every corner of the nation. In what will rightly be seen as a referendum on the Bush Administration and the culture of corruption that permeates the Republican party, this […]


Vote For Freedom

233 years ago, our predecessors through off the chains of an oppressive, authoritarian, anti-freedom government. Their success was the first step towards our free and democratic way of life. 233 years later, another George is trying to shackle the freedom and democracy of this great country through an authoritarian and oppressive force of will. Today […]


A Message To Democratic Candidates

All indications point to the Democrats regaining control of at least one House of Congress in the upcoming mid-term election. But as they like to say, it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings. Indeed, if recent past elections are any indication, Democrats are going to have to fight tooth andd nail for every seat […]


Odds and Ends

Sargeant, Did You Pay The Power Bill? Seems like fighting the War Against the Evildoers and keeping the lights on at our Army posts at the same time is just too much to ask for. Oh well, just another sacrifice that our soldiers and their families will have to make while the rest of us […]


Special Anniversary: The Stamp Act

It was 241 years ago today that King George III and the English parliament enacted the Stamp Act on the American colonies, further setting the stage for our eventual Revolution and Independence. For those who don’t remember high school history (or were never taught it in the first place) the Stamp Act was enacted by […]


Into the New Year

2006 is upon us, and a new year brings opportunities for change. Since 2006 will be a Congressional election year, we know that we can expect a year filled with campaigns and political sparring. We should also expect this mid-term election to be more attended than previous similar elections, as the American people find themselves […]