Why I’m Grateful for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and the 2016 Presidential Election (and yes, you too Gary Johnson)

The title of this post sounds a lot like a high school essay assignment, and in some ways I feel like it could be. Election 2016 has much in common with adolescence-from the nasty name calling to the easily debunked fallacies, from the widespread rumors to the false friendships- that it would be more appropriate […]


The Difference Between Being President and Being Presidential

President Obama spoke this morning to discuss major policy initiatives regarding the handling of terror suspects at Gitmo, national security, and the need for transparency and the rule of law in government. It was a fantastic speech in both content and tenor, fairly discussing the actions and goals of the previous administration and contrasting those […]


An Election To Remember

It’s not often that we actually can feel the sense of being a part of an historic moment. Today is that day. I’ve voted at the same location for over five years. In those five years, I can not ever remember seeing more than about ten people at the poll at the same time as […]


21st Century GOP

  Taking a cue from the King of Made-Up Reality, George W. Bush, the GOP and their candidates have unleashed an alternate reality that they want all Americans to believe. King George has spent the last 8 years not listening to reality. According to Bush, the economy is fine, Iraq was the best place to […]


The Politics of Fear

America is a nation built on hope. From the earliest settlers to our most recent immigrants, people have come to this land in hope of a brighter future and a better life for their families. They come to share in the freedom that native-born citizens take for granted. They come to have a steady job, […]


More on Torture and Democracy

It seems that the American people stand in stark contrast to the Bush Administration when it comes to humane treatment. The evidence of this comes as both the House and Senate resoundingly denied the administration any further leg to stand on when it comes to torture. Bills passing in both houses roundly, and rightly, condemn […]


Government For The People, By The People, Of The People

In democratic societies, government is said to be “for the people, by the people, and of the people.” In the broadest sense, one could infer from this that governing institutions such as ours are not controlled by hereditary clans or moneyed interests, but instead are an amalgam of the interests of the general public, instituted […]


Society and Politics

Does society dictate political goals or is it the other way around? It’s getting tough to tell these days. With campaigns based on “family values” that are never really defined and legislation steeped in religious belief, one wonders which horse is pulling which cart. I use these two examples only because they are they easiest […]


America, America

The United States is often described as the best country in the world, mostly by us, but by many millions of others too. Since it’s beginning, America has held out a glimmer of hope for the oppressed people of the world and it has provided a measure of freedom and democracy to those who live […]