Despite Historic Obama Election, Bush Still Has 77 Days In Which To Make Things Even Worse

Despite yesterday’s historic election that has made Barack Obama the next president, let us not forget that we still have 77 days of George W. Bush to contend with. Because believe me, Bush isn’t forgetting that he’s still the Decider in Chief until January 20th. Outgoing presidents like to “tie up loose ends” and place […]


The Difference Between Obama & Clinton: "We" vs. "I"

It’s history now, the South Carolina primary, that is. Barack Obama trounced “Mrs. Inevitable” Clinton and “Home State Johnny” Edwards in that southern state on Saturday, reigniting his campaign and making his chance at winning the Democratic nomination even better than before. And while the Obama campaign celebrated their victory, the Clinton campaign could only […]


Iowans Buck Media Favorites, Forego "Frontrunners" And Think For Themselves

In the first presidential primary of 2008, Iowans have sent a message to the MSM, their fellow Americans, and the candidates. That message: Don’t tell US who to vote for! We’ll make up our own minds, thank you. For the last year, the MSM has been non-stop in promoting its version of the general election: […]


Bush Sr. To Help Repair Damage Done By Bush Jr. ?

We expect parents to help their children through tough times as they are growing up, but by the time most people become adults, mommy and daddy usually don’t have to worry about picking up the pieces after their kids screw up. But every now and then we come across an adult who never seemed to […]