Specific Steps You Can Take Now

It is one thing to sit around and pontificate about the wrongs of government and society, tossing about complaints and concepts for change. It is another to actively begin to take some steps to help change occur. I am fully aware that the changes I’ve already proposed, as well as the ones the will be […]


What Is Common Sense?

Common Sense….an inborn trait that most of us possess. Common sense is the ability to view a situation and discern the proper thing to do. Proper as defined by our system of laws and morals. Common sense developed to warn us that all was not right in the world around us. Its daily application probably […]


A Return to Common Sense

It is said that in order to accomplish your dearest dreams, you need to have a fire in your heart. Your desire to see your hopes, ideals, and fondest wishes become real must drive your every action one step closer to fulfillment. Those who possess this fire occupy the highest levels of industry, government, and […]