Our Government Is Worthless

In 2006, voters turned out the Republican majority that had turned Congressinto a rubber-stamping machine for an idiot president. Their hope-no, their insistence- that our government stop the abuses of power perpetrated by an executive branch run amok, gave Democrats a slim majority in the Senate and a slightly larger majority in the House. The […]


Iowans Buck Media Favorites, Forego "Frontrunners" And Think For Themselves

In the first presidential primary of 2008, Iowans have sent a message to the MSM, their fellow Americans, and the candidates. That message: Don’t tell US who to vote for! We’ll make up our own minds, thank you. For the last year, the MSM has been non-stop in promoting its version of the general election: […]


Cowardly Democrats Choose Politics Over America

Most of us are under no illusion about politicians-from either party. We eye them cynically even as we hope that they will do the right things. We know they manipulate the facts, yet we still chance to believe in the things they promise. We want to believe even when experience tells us we shouldn’t. After […]


The People Have Spoken

Democrats will retake control of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate too as voters across the United States sent a message to lawmakers in every corner of the nation. In what will rightly be seen as a referendum on the Bush Administration and the culture of corruption that permeates the Republican party, this […]


A Message To Democratic Candidates

All indications point to the Democrats regaining control of at least one House of Congress in the upcoming mid-term election. But as they like to say, it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings. Indeed, if recent past elections are any indication, Democrats are going to have to fight tooth andd nail for every seat […]


Independent for a Reason

When I turned 18 years old, I registered to vote. I indicated on my registration form that I was a Democrat. I stayed a registered democrat until 2004. That’s when I became an officially designated “non-affiliated” voter. In truth, I was just this kind of voter all along. I was raised to believe that if […]


Into the New Year

2006 is upon us, and a new year brings opportunities for change. Since 2006 will be a Congressional election year, we know that we can expect a year filled with campaigns and political sparring. We should also expect this mid-term election to be more attended than previous similar elections, as the American people find themselves […]


Not My Party

There is something wrong with our government and they way it is run. I’m not just talking about the federal government either, but our state and local governments as well. Lacking common sense leadership, beholden to corporate interests and finances, cornered by special interests and threatened lawsuits, and muzzled by political party philosophies, our governments […]