Apparently NOT Too Big To Fail

Back in November, we were told that GM (and Chrysler and Ford) was just TOO BIG to let fail, and as such it was IMPERATIVE that $35 Billion of tax payer money be given to the auto industry or MILLIONS would be instantly out of work, PLUNGING the economy into a spiral death unlike any […]


Economic Sleight of Hand

So here we are, 6 months after the brink of “financial armageddon,” upwards of $7.5 Trillion-yes trillion with a “T”- promised, printed, and perq-ed away, and what have we gained? After being told that our major financial institutions and banks were so nearly insolvent that only massive amounts of taxpayer funded infusions could save life […]

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California Passes Nation’s Biggest Tax Increase

California politicians are stupid. Faced with a budget deficit of their own making, rather than make across the board cuts and put a halt on excessive (and in many cases unscrupulous) spending programs, California legislators of both parties have agreed on a massive tax hike to help overcome a $40 billion budget shortfall. Led by […]


The Looting of America

Morality takes many forms and hides behind many masks. Perhaps no loss of morality is more complete than that which infests the corporate and political leadership of the United States of America. Forget sex and drugs and rock-n-roll; the moral loss I speak of refers to the utter indifference these so-called leaders have with regards […]


Obama Economic Stimulus- Rescue for America or Rebuilding The House of Cards?

So the economy is in the tank. What’s a government to do? In the halls of power, the answer seems to be to throw money at the problem and hope for the best. We’ve had the Bush Stimulus ($165 billion of borrowed money thrown to the citizenry at the tune of $600 a head), and […]


George W. Bush- The Corporate Bail-Out King

If George W. Bush is looking for a legacy (or maybe just a place in the Guiness Book of World Records) he should lobby hard for his place as America’s Bail-Out King, because he is far and away Numero Uno in this hardly coveted category. A look at his financial accomplishments: Airline Industry bail-out (2001) […]


Bailout Selling Points Don’t Add Up

I’ve been hearing it again and again, ever since the Bush Administration came up with it’s financial bailout scheme- if we give the banks and financiers $700 Billion of taxpayer money to buy up the “toxic” debt, down the road, the taxpayers will probably profit in the long run. HUH?!? Okay- the banks hold the […]


After Spending A Week Excoriating Wall Street For “Spending Like A Drunken Sailor,” House Quietly Passes $633 Billion Spending Bill Loaded With Pork

After spending more than a week deriding the excesses of Wall Street and comparing the nations financial industry players to “drunken sailors on leave,” the U.S. house of Representatives quietly passed a $633 BILLION omnibus spending bill yesterday loaded with pork projects. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. In the midst of “the […]


McCain’s New Campaign Theme Song

Since John McCain is now saying that he want’s to “postpone” the first presidential debate in order “to work on the economy,” his campaign has revealed their new theme song for the duration of the campaign. Here it is for your enjoyment.


Details Of $700 Billion Wall Street Bailout Start To Emerge

As Federal officials warn of a bleak future and a certain recession ┬áif they don’t get their Wall Street bailout plan passed quickly, a look at the emerging details shows what it is they are really asking for: Passage of the bailout measures would create huge new federal powers, even as they offer no sure […]