Financial Crisis: What Should You Do?

It’s no longer an open discussion-we are in the midst of the worst financial storm since the Great Depression. And it’s not even close to being over, despite the exuberance on Wall Street following the announcement of a federal bail-out for the flimsy mortgage market and other financial institutions. Make no mistake about it kids…this […]

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John McSame- “I’m always for less regulation.”

As John McSame does another giant flip-flop on who he wants you to think he is, it’s helpful to remember that as a politician, John McSame often describes himself as “the greatest deregulator” ever interviewed. Why, it was just a few months ago, in March 2008, that McSame said this in an interview with the […]


Reality Check: No Matter Who Wins The Election, We’re Still Screwed

(photo credit Convention fever is lighting up the 2008 presidential elections here in the United States- the time for the major political parties to formally nominate their candidates for the general election, for the party faithful to gather and pat each other on the back while mending wounds inflicted during the primaries, and for the […]


Personal Incomes Soar Thanks To Tax Rebates-Or Do They?

Boy oh boy, George W. Bush must be doing the happy dance in the Oval Office this morning as newspapers and media outlets are all chanting the same verse: personal incomes in May rose to the highest levels in 33 years!  What? I thought we were in some kind of recession. And rising gas prices […]


Bush Insists Recession Not Coming- Asks For New "Rosy Glasses" Stimulus Package

Denying the claims of economists nationwide, President Bush today said that HE doesn’t think the nation is headed towards recession. “I’m concerned about the economy. I don’t think we’re headed to recession. But no question, we’re in a slowdown.” At the White House news conference, Bush also claimed that the dollar was still strong: “I […]


Bush-Whacked Economy-More Fuzzy Math

The “economic stimulus” plan being hammered out by Bush, Bernanke, and the Democrat controlled Congress is a farce and a scam, and a slap in the face of every American citizen-except maybe the top 1%. Worse, once passed, it will add another $145 billion debt on the backs of our children and grandchildren so that […]

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And The Rich Shall Inherit America

President Bush presented his 2008 budget recently, and the numbers don’t lie- to pay for his massive tax cuts for the wealthy and his ongoing war on whomever he considers a terrorist this week, Bush proposed cuts to programs that actually help the poor, needy, disabled and America’s veterans. How’s that for compassionate conservatism? In […]


Oil, Oil Everywhere!

The following essays tell a lot about the real U.S. energy policies, the goals of Big Oil, and a solution that can help end our national energy dependency issues. Originally posted by me at Bring It On! and brought to you here for your reading enjoyment and edification. Economy Is Great- If You’re an Oil […]


Much Ado About Many Things

When I woke up this morning, my roof was still covering me from the elements of nature, my bed and blankets were still keeping me warm. I enjoyed a nice hot shower and slipped into some newly purchased apparel and went downstairs to get breakfast for my daughter and myself. After getting her safely on […]