From Here to There and Back Again

In the very old days, when people decided to venture away from their usual homelands, the journey to a new land was a long, dangerous, arduous trek. Today we can navigate the globe in a matter of hours. A few hundred years ago, a trip into town from the nearby countryside might take a day […]


Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

When you mention recycling to most people, they instantly conjure images of aluminum cans, soda bottles, and old newspapers. For most of us, that is where recycling begins and ends. In our culture of replaceable products, the idea of reusing something, anything, is almost antithetical. Western culture and the rise of consumerism has instilled in […]


Man vs. Earth (A Fight to the Finish?)

It is a uniquely human quality to destroy that which we depend on. Whether from a lack of knowledge, a lack of foresight, or a lack of caring, human advancement has exacted a heavy toll on the resources and species of Earth. To any rational person, that fact is indisputable. From the extraction of minerals […]


The Framework of Society

Order and prosperity in societies depend upon more than just national security and an effective legal system. While both of those are vital to the longevity of a society, they are not enough to stimulate the productivity and achievement of society alone. A vibrant, healthy society requires an infrastructure that facilitates movement of goods and […]