Timeline To Tyranny

Will Americans get a chance to vote for a new president? Take a look at one frightening possibility in my latest video creation-Timeline to Tyranny. Here’s hoping I’m completely wrong, that we all get a chance to vote and that Bush is sent packing- and McCain too! If I’m right though, I’ll try to hook […]



What Sarah Palin and the GOP Really Think About Women

It’s like my good friend at Bring It On! said over here. Another reminder why this election is so important. And it’s kind of sad we have to still be going down this road. After all, with record debts, a failing economy, energy concerns, environmental concerns, wars abroad and the whole lot of corruption and internal destruction […]


The 21st Century GOP: Prettier On The Outside, Same Old Nasty Tricks Inside

Gotta love the 21st century GOP- the party of monster debt, unlawful foreign agression, earth-hating, anti-science dunderheads and creators of the worst president in American history. When it comes to showing the world how NOT to govern and relate to each other, today’s GOP truly is #1. But even being the enablers of malfeasance like […]


Way Over Inflated

John McCain is an idiot. He mocks that which is true and adores that which is not. John McCain is an idiot. And a liar. And he isn’t any better than Bush. John McCain is an idiot. A vote for John McCain is a vote for stupidity squared. Did I mention that John McCain is […]


Unregulated Capitalism and The Mortgage Crisis

Conservatives have a mantra- the market is king. They feel that any government regulation of business activity is too much, and further, that if a consumer is too “stupid” to understand all the fine print legalese then too bad, so sad. To make money is the ultimate goal, regardless of who you throw under the […]


Former House Speaker Gingrich Says Bush Should Have Let Some Terrorist Attacks In US Succeed

Speaking at a book signing in April 2008, former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich told an audience that the Bush Administration has done too good a job at protecting America from terrorist attacks and should probably have let a few succeed to remind us all of the great dangers we still face. […]


Nation Building- When To Hand Over The House Keys

Remember when George W. Bush was still a presidential candidate in 2000 and he decried the notion of nation building? Talk about your all time flip-flop. But I digress. With Bush, the destruction of Iraq and the subsequent efforts of his administration to make it a permanent vassal state for his oil CEO pals was […]