Obama Economic Stimulus- Rescue for America or Rebuilding The House of Cards?

So the economy is in the tank. What’s a government to do? In the halls of power, the answer seems to be to throw money at the problem and hope for the best. We’ve had the Bush Stimulus ($165 billion of borrowed money thrown to the citizenry at the tune of $600 a head), and […]


Cowardly Democrats Choose Politics Over America

Most of us are under no illusion about politicians-from either party. We eye them cynically even as we hope that they will do the right things. We know they manipulate the facts, yet we still chance to believe in the things they promise. We want to believe even when experience tells us we shouldn’t. After […]


Desperate Bush Orders Political Gatekeepers For Government Agencies

Having lost control of the Congress in the waning years of his ever-divisive and destructive presidency, President Bush has recently issued an executive order that mandates a political appointee in all government agencies that create regulations over businesses and other entities, especially those agencies that protect public health, safety, the environment, civil rights and privacy. […]


A Message To Democratic Candidates

All indications point to the Democrats regaining control of at least one House of Congress in the upcoming mid-term election. But as they like to say, it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings. Indeed, if recent past elections are any indication, Democrats are going to have to fight tooth andd nail for every seat […]


F#@K You Katrina Victims!

At least, that’s the message many in the storm ravaged communities along the Gulf Coast are getting from their insurance companies as they attempt to rebuild their homes and their lives after last years devastating Hurricane Katrina reduced their hopes and dreams to so much clutter. This AP article, which is appearing in many newspapers […]


Myopic America

Dictionary.com provides the following definition: my·o·pi·a (n.) Lack of discernment or long-range perspective in thinking or planning. Is it just me or have the American people fallen into a kind of stupor that allows them to accept the myopic worldview force fed to them on a daily basis by an incompetent and corrupt government and […]


Assault On Free Speech

Free speech…it is one of the hallmarks of the American way of life. The ability to freely express oneself without fear of government reprisal is so fundamental that it is enshrined in the first amendment to our national Constitution. Yet despite this protection, there have always been restrictions on how free our speech really is, […]


The Unitary Executive Theory and the Destruction of Democracy

In the late 18th century, citizens of the American colonies rebelled against the autocratic rule of England’s King George III and established a country that was to be ruled by a representative government subject to the rule of law. In what became the first democratic experiment since the ancient Greeks and Romans, the United States […]


Wake Up America!

For those of you out there who still stand in support of your elected federal officials, I have only one question: Why? This is the America they have brought to reality today: Education is falling farther behind the rest of the world, including some third world countries. Science and math scores are at all time […]


Not My Party (Originally posted 1-8-05)

(I originally posted this essay one year ago today. It was important then, but now, in an election year, it is even more relevant. I urge you to consider these thoughts as we begin a year filled with political scandal of epic proportions, an out of control Administration and a Congress unwilling to rein it […]