Liberators, Occupiers, or Catalysts For Chaos

For a brief moment, despite the now overwhelming evidence that the Iraq War was based on a crumbling foundation of lies, the American and British overthrow of Saddam Hussein’s despotic rule in Iraq could have been seen as the liberation of an oppressed people. In that brief moment, the hopes of western nations that a […]


Pentagon Must Not Have Gotten The Memo- Says Iraq In Civil War

In a report released yesterday the Pentagon has admitted that at least some of the conflict occurring in Iraq can’t be described as anything other than “civil war.” I guess somebody didn’t get the memo from the Bush Administration that you aren’t allowed to use the words “Iraq,” “Civil,” and “War” all in the same […]


Piece By Piece, Administration Exposed

(The last week or so has exposed even more the callousness and crookedness of the Bush Administration. From some of my posts over at Bring It On!…) No ‘Plan B’ For Iraq If Surge Fails In what has become typical Team Bush fashion, it turns out that there is no Plan B for Iraq if […]


What’s $3 Billion Between Friends? (Throwing Money Away In Iraq)

As President Bush prepares to ask Congress to throw another $1.2 billion dollars into the gaping maw that is the Iraq Reconstruction Fund, a recent report from the independent Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction shows that at least $3 Billion has been wasted in such efforts since US demolition reconstruction efforts began in 2003. […]


I’m Supporting The Surge

For the second time in as many weeks, President Bush addressed the nation and orated at great lengths about the ‘way forward in Iraq.’ First, on January 10th, the president announced his decision, despite overwhelming concensus to the contrary, to increase the number of American troops in Iraq, escalate his warlike stance towards Iran, and […]


Another Shell Game

Early reports regarding the New and Improved Bush Iraq plan show little more than shell game, with a dash less accountability thrown in for good measure, and a nod to concerted status quo plus. For a while now, we’ve heard Team Bush lubricate the public with the notion that more troops in Iraq are inevitable, […]


A Speech Goebbels Would Be Proud Of

Last night, on the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, President Bush addressed the nation with a speech that can only be described as an attempt to ‘catapult the propaganda’ yet one more time. Speaking from the Oval Office, Bush again used the events of September 11, 2001 to further politicize America’s security and […]


Oil, Oil Everywhere!

The following essays tell a lot about the real U.S. energy policies, the goals of Big Oil, and a solution that can help end our national energy dependency issues. Originally posted by me at Bring It On! and brought to you here for your reading enjoyment and edification. Economy Is Great- If You’re an Oil […]


Leaving Iraq

Support for the war in Iraq seems to be dwindling by the week as the general public loses faith in the administration and it’s reasoning for going to war in the first place. Forgetting the most vocal minorities at either side of the political battle, average citizens are beginning to seriously question why we are […]