An Answer To The High Costs Of Energy: Just Go Freegan

(photo from freegan.info, courtesy of falcophoto.com)  They eat from dumpsters. The shun regular employment. They live in abandoned dwellings. You might think of them as “bums.” They prefer to be known as Freegans. And their ranks may well be growing.  Dubbed “strategies for a sustainable life beyond capitalism,” the Freegans may well be on to […]


9 Out Of 10 Say High Gas Prices Will Cause Serious Hardship

Can I get a “No Shit Sherlock” from the group? A recent AP-Yahoo poll shows that consumers don’t have a rosy outlook for their financial futures any time soon. Because of high gas prices. From cancelled vacations to finding new jobs, people are struggling to cope with the high price of fuel. And they don’t […]


Fighting For Something That Was Never There To Begin With

No, I’m not talking about the WMD’s that were going to appear in a “mushroom cloud” if American failed to dethrone Saddam Hussein. I’m talking about the unified, democratic Iraq theory that is now driving America’s misguided military misadventure. But the two are cut from the same cloth. Just as there never were any significant […]


Oil, Oil Everywhere!

The following essays tell a lot about the real U.S. energy policies, the goals of Big Oil, and a solution that can help end our national energy dependency issues. Originally posted by me at Bring It On! and brought to you here for your reading enjoyment and edification. Economy Is Great- If You’re an Oil […]


Energy Independence Isn’t The Goal

So said the president of Shell Oil Company to Tim Russert, host of NBC’s Meet The Press on Sunday, June 18th, 2006. Russert had the heads of three of the four largest oil companies (Shell, Chevron, and ConocoPhillips) in for a chat about high prices, consumer angst, and alternative fuels. When asked by Russert whether […]

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Oil, Debt, Nukes, China, Iran, and George W. Bush

The following facts are necessary to understand, as they play an integral part of the following essay. FACT: Oil is the world’s largest source of convertible energy at the present time. FACT: Most of the world’s known oil sources lie beneath the sands of the Middle East, specifically in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran, in […]


The Future of Energy

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy energized the imagination and aspirations of this nation with a challenge that was, for its time, simply fantastic. At the dawn of the space age, President Kennedy made it a national goal to send a man to the moon and return him to Earth safely. No matter that such […]