A New Day In Criminal Court

The reforms I suggested in Criminal Justice Reformed offer the possibilities of more effective and fiscally prudent law enforcement practices and clearly defined areas of responsibility for investigating and prosecuting criminal behavior. Those reforms, while worthwhile in and of themselves, are not enough to reduce the criminal element in society. To better the chances of […]


Criminal Justice Reformed

In my last essay, I talked about the restructuring of our Criminal Justice system by changing the jurisdiction of criminal acts from the current system that is based primarily upon location to one based primarily upon the criminal act itself. I briefly outlined a three-tiered division of jurisdiction that assigns the most serious crimes to […]


Reforming Our Justice System

In my last essay, I offered the opinion that our system of justice had broken down to the point that it no longer served the purpose for which it was intended, namely keeping the general public safe from harm, punishing those who do harm to others, providing timely redress in civil (non-criminal) actions, and maintaining […]


A False Sense of Security

I’ve previously discussed ways in which we can begin to change our government through individual involvement and the abandonment of the political parties. Now it is time to move on to the more specific problems facing us today and apply the principals of Common Sense to finding some solutions. One of the first tasks of […]


Specific Steps You Can Take Now

It is one thing to sit around and pontificate about the wrongs of government and society, tossing about complaints and concepts for change. It is another to actively begin to take some steps to help change occur. I am fully aware that the changes I’ve already proposed, as well as the ones the will be […]


Making a Case for Rapid Reform

Up to now, I have been laying the groundwork from which to begin making our government more responsive to and more representative of the citizens of this country. This groundwork relies upon the concepts of Common Sense, personal involvement, and the demand for better leadership. I express a sense of urgency at times because I […]