Salvaging Social Security’s Retirement Benefits

With the implementation of the National Whole Life Pension Plan, one of the problems facing national retirement reform is removed from the puzzle. The Whole Life Pension Plan would replace the current system for future generations, leaving us to concentrate on salvaging the current system for those of us who have already been born. Unfortunately, […]


The National Whole Life Pension Plan

IMPORTANT NOTE: Readers are advised that the plan presented in the following essay is one which would apply to future generations and would not directly benefit current workers except in such a way as to remove the burden of repairing the current retirement program for future generations. This plan would run parallel to the current […]


Crafting a National Pension Plan

Opponents of a national retirement program, commonly referred to simply as “Social Security,” tend to take the view that each person is responsible for their own costs of living and that a secure retirement is something to be enjoyed by those fortunate enough to have earned enough money throughout one’s lifetime to sustain themselves for […]


Defining Social Security

Social Security is really a widely encompassing description for a variety of government assistance programs including Medicare, Medicaid, disability benefits and retirement programs, to name the most common. Social Security programs, specifically the retirement program, have long been considered a perilous “third rail” for politicians, meaning that if you tamper with the existing program you […]


Social Consciousness Or Social Charade

I’ve spent the last few days looking through my tattered, pocket-sized Constitution, searching high and low for the portions within that authorize or regulate our government’s implementation of various social programs that now are ubiquitous in America. I thought for sure that somewhere in the Constitution I would find something about education funding or medical […]