A Tolerant Society

(An apology to regular readers of Common Sense. As of late, I have become increasingly occupied with beginning a campaign. That explains the increasing length of time between posts. This post was originally published here in June 2005. But it came back to mind today after I read another similar essay, and it seems to […]


My Religion Can Beat Up Your Religion!

Religion, in its purest form, is an individual quest for the answers to life’s most elusive questions: How did we get here? What happens when we die? What is the purpose of life? Is there a higher being or greater power than ourselves? To what do we owe our existence? What do we owe each […]


What Every Kid Needs To Know

It is not an understatement to say that raising children is the most important job most of us will ever have. More than just making sure our kids survive to adulthood and beyond, the task of raising children to become responsible citizens has a direct, cumulative effect on the state of our societies. If we […]


Are You Really A Victim?

Our political correct world has created a new breed of human, one that I call the Perpetual Victim. The Perpetual Victim is easily distinguished from other people by their inability to take responsibility for their own adverse actions or ill-spoken words, instead seeking some other person or entity to pass blame to for their own […]


A Tolerant Society

As our world becomes more connected, the expansion of freedom and self-rule becomes more and more dependent on the concept of tolerance. Increased contact between varying cultures requires an increase in the ability to respect, if not accept, or even embrace, the differences between each other. Indeed, for freedom to flourish, tolerance is a vital […]