Democrats will retake control of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate too as voters across the United States sent a message to lawmakers in every corner of the nation. In what will rightly be seen as a referendum on the Bush Administration and the culture of corruption that permeates the Republican party, this was an election when the people put national interest ahead of their own local concerns.

With 62% of voters in exit polls saying that this election was about national issues, one has to assume that the people have finally chosen to wake up and smell the burning of our constitution and our tradition of freedom. With 42% saying that political corruption was a prime factor in their votes Tuesday, one has to assume that the people are fed up with the horseshit that passes for political leadership.

57% said that the war in Iraq was a key concern, while only 40% cited terrorism. These numbers clearly show that Americans no longer trust George Bush or the Republican party to guide the helm of our nation.

But that doesn’t mean they trust Democrats either. Overall, 62% of voters disapproved of Congress as a whole, hardly a rounding show of support for the Democrats. Again, it was the lesser of two evils for many voters.

But now the Democrats will have a House majority- at the very least. To which I can only say thank goodness. So today I rejoice at what has been halted, or at least seriously slowed down- a Republican juggernaut hell bent on destroying American honor, integrity, justice, and might. Tomorrow the work can begin.

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