The truth is that I know more self described “conservatives” who lash out about “people bleeding the system” who are themselves double dipping on public sector jobs to boost retirement benefits, work under the table while claiming disability and/or unemployment, nickle and dime every potential tax loophole to avoid a minor tax increase, all while claiming they “earned it” when really they’re just exploiting the rules designed to protect the poor, undereducated, minority or folks legitimately unable to work due to medical conditions and draining the public tax system which is really supposed to provide infrastructure for us all and a safety net for those truly in need. These “conservatives” are often the same people who hearken back to “the good old days” when white males were all that mattered in public discourse, women were chattel to serve said men, all other races were inferior and the only winners were those who hit back harder.

They either do not see their own hypocrisy or they do not care.
These so called conservatives, both the voters and the “leaders” alike are the actual and true reason our systems have become bankrupted, broken down and untrustworthy.

For all their talk of welfare queens, immigrants stealing jobs, educational quotas and any other excuses for their own economic failings, it is their own policies and exploitations that are to blame.

And while there is plenty of apathy and acquiescence from the political leaders on the “other side of the aisle,” when it comes to everyday people I’ve met far more “conservative” takers and far more “liberal” givers out in the world.

Chew on that for a bit…..