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Ken Grandlund is the founder and author of Common Sense, a political and lifestyle blog with a liberal bend. What began in January 2005 as an outlet for personal political discovery has led to numerous essays designed to shift the political thinking of America towards a more cooperative, realistic, and sustaining pattern of democracy. Socially liberal, fiscally responsible, and unabashedly critical of political hypocrisy and idiocy, Ken’s commentary has been linked in numerous blogs and media outlets over the years.

Professionally, Ken is an award winning (Iris, Aurora, Telly, Emmy) television commercial writer, producer, and director. His background includes radio news and broadcasting, theater acting and directing, and numerous writing credits in small publications. His past work experiences include positions in the construction industry, the sales industry, even the food industry. Ken has lived in a number of U.S. states, including Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Texas, Mississippi, and Nebraska. He currently lives in Southern California with his wife and teenager.

Though not religiously affiliated, Ken is an ordained non-denominational minister through the Universal Life Church (Modesto, CA) in 1993. The ULC is a non-denominational ministry that focuses on personal freedom instead of rigid religious dogma. In this capacity, Ken has performed numerous weddings for same sex and opposite sex couples and has ordained other ministers into the ULC family.

Additionally, Ken is a volunteer coach for Special Olympics Southern California in both basketball and softball.