After spending more than a week deriding the excesses of Wall Street and comparing the nations financial industry players to “drunken sailors on leave,” the U.S. house of Representatives quietly passed a $633 BILLION omnibus spending bill yesterday loaded with pork projects.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. In the midst of “the most serious financial crisis” since the Great Depression, lawmakers apparently think the U.S. government is flush enough to keep on doing business as usual AND give up over $1 TRILLION dollars of taxpayer money to the greedy bastards in the financial industry.


Examples of the pork projects (and these are put forth EQUALLY by BOTH PARTIES) include:

Rep. Pelosi (D-CA) obtained $1,500,000 for the Presidio Heritage Center.

Sen. Stevens (R-AK) obtained $2 million for Hibernation Genomics, a project at University of Alaska – Fairbanks that is investigating using hibernation as technique to preventing and treating trauma from injury and ischemia for battlefield conditions.  WAY TO GO MR. BRIDGE TO NOWHERE. EVEN UNDER INDICTMENT, YOU STILL KNOW HOW TO DELIVER THE PORK!

Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) obtained $24.5 million for the National Drug Intelligence Center which has been criticized as redundant of existing facilities and for mismanagement. In previous year, the Administration has attempted to shut down NDIC and merge it with existing facilities. GREAT! MORE FUNDING FOR PROJECTS THAT DON’T WORK OR ARE (gasp) BADLY MANAGED. KIND OF LIKE WALL STREET, NO?

Sen. Bond (R-MO) obtained $800,000 Pseudofoliculitis Barbae (PFB) Topical Treatment – this goes to ISW Group in St. Louis, MO, a privately held pharmaceutical company. FUNDING FOR SHAVING BUMPS?

Sen. Shelby (R-AL) and Rep. Aderholt obtained $1.6 million for SAIC’s High Fidelity Virtual Simulation and Analysis program which uses simulation software to reduce the amount of time it takes a soldier to receive operational support in the field. CAN WE PAY FOR THIS ONE WITH VIRTUAL MONEY THEN?

Sen. Levin (D-MI) obtained $1.6 million for Low Temperature Vehicle Performance Research at Wayne State University, double what the program received in FY08. RIGHT…BECAUSE WE ALL NEED TO KNOW HOW WELL CARS PERFORM IN -20 DEGREE TEMPERATURES.

And they wonder why the average American isn’t supporting the Wall Street Bailout.

What ever happened to that much touted reform that Democrats promised us? Oh, yeah. They are a bunch of liars too.

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