An Answer To The High Costs Of Energy: Just Go Freegan

(photo from freegan.info, courtesy of falcophoto.com)  They eat from dumpsters. The shun regular employment. They live in abandoned dwellings. You might think of them as “bums.” They prefer to be known as Freegans. And their ranks may well be growing.  Dubbed “strategies for a sustainable life beyond capitalism,” the Freegans may well be on to […]


Personal Incomes Soar Thanks To Tax Rebates-Or Do They?

Boy oh boy, George W. Bush must be doing the happy dance in the Oval Office this morning as newspapers and media outlets are all chanting the same verse: personal incomes in May rose to the highest levels in 33 years!  What? I thought we were in some kind of recession. And rising gas prices […]


Apparently, Jesus Isn’t The Only Path To Eternal Life After All

Despite the ravings of American televangelists, most religious Americans dispute the idea that the only way to eternal life after death is through Jesus. This will be news to the Pat Robertson’s of the airwaves… According to a survey conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life, fully 70% of Americans who have […]


Did Your Loved One Miss The Rapture? Send Them A Post-Rapture Reminder.

The Rapture is coming, you know. Just ask an Evangelical Christian. They’ll tell you it’s true. Even though predictions for hundreds of “imminent raptures” have thus far failed to materialize (or is it dematerialize?), these folks are as sure as fresh snow is white that the REAL Rapture is definitely on the way. But they also […]

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Same Sex Marriage Gains Ground In California, New York

The California Supreme Courts groundbreaking decision in favor of same-sex marriages is already bearing unexpected fruit. Due to a New York court ruling that said same-sex marriages legally performed outside of New York would be recognized as having equal legal status to heterosexual marriages, California may well become the Mecca for Gay Marriage. Previously, only […]


Rising From The Ashes…

I haven’t read a newspaper, perused a blog entry, watched TV news, or listened to any talk radio since August 30th. I have little to no idea about what has been happening in Iraq, Congress, or around the world. For me, it’s almost as if time stopped two and a half weeks ago, and ever […]


Can Humanity Take The Next Step?

Spring…a time of growth, or regrowth if you will… From our first footsteps as modern humans, our species has moved forward, stretching our potential as we improved our mortal condition, each new step taking thousands of years before its imprint could be seen. It took humanity about 190,000 years to move from the Stone Age […]


Odds & Ends From Bring It On!

Regular readers know that I write on another blog, Bring It On! I post there several times a week, usually on more topical issues or on events that don’t lend themselves to a longer posts. In addition to my posts, there are several other talented, regular contributor’s who post with regularity and a number of […]


Social and Economic Breakdown- Or Why Conservatives Should Want To Fight Global Warming

First, let me say that the title to this post is imperfect, but it’s the best I could do. Clearly, not all ‘conservatives’ decry the fact that the Earth’s climate is changing, or that it is because of human activity that those changes are occurring. Further, ‘global warming’ is somewhat imprecise, as the climate changes […]


All You Never Really Knew About Christmas But Were Probably Too Brainwashed To Ask

For the last few years, we’ve all heard the clammoring from those who have endeavored to create a national crisis in their faux War on Christmas. For some, it seems that the defense of the Christian holiday is paramount to salvation. To hear them proclaim that the day is under secular assault and in danger […]