The Difference Between Being President and Being Presidential

President Obama spoke this morning to discuss major policy initiatives regarding the handling of terror suspects at Gitmo, national security, and the need for transparency and the rule of law in government. It was a fantastic speech in both content and tenor, fairly discussing the actions and goals of the previous administration and contrasting those […]


Top US Think Tank Stating The Obvious-U.S. “War On Terror” Wrong Way To Combat Terrorism

Take a look at the following headlines: Foiling Terror Plots Doesn’t Take An Army (August 10, 2006) Law Enforcement Continuing To Succeed Where War Fails (October 4, 2006) New Alleged Terror Plot Thwarted-Again Without Destroying A Foreign Country (June 2, 2007) U.S. Should Rethink “War On Terrorism” Strategy to Deal with Resurgent Al Qaida (July […]


After Claiming Clinton A Failure On North Korea, Why Is Bush Deal Being Lauded As A Success?

Neo-conservatives and the Bush Administration like to paint the 1994 Agreed Framework deal on North Korea’s nuclear program as a failure of Bill Clinton’s foreign policy efforts. They point out that North Korea continued to manufacture plutonium after agreeing not to, and that their breach of the agreement amounts to Bill Clinton having let the North […]


See Through Security Now At An Airport Near You

Remember those old X-Ray Vision goggles advertised in the back of your favorite comic books? The thrill of surreptitiously seeing through peoples clothes drove youthful imaginations into a frenzy of giggles and gasps. Of course, if you actually ponied up a few bucks and sent off for a pair, you were probably disappointed with the results-not […]


Fool Me Once…Can’t Get Fooled Again

The big problem with lying repeatedly over the years, is that when you actually have something to say that could well be based on real facts, hardly anyone believes you. Enter President Gerorge W. Bush. Here is a man who claimed to be a uniter. Who claimed to be a compassionate conservative. Who claimed to […]


Possible Terrorist ‘Dry Run’ Reveals Law Enforcement Complacency

It was just before Christmas when authorities received a call from an unknown man saying he had accidentally spilled some mercury in an LA subway station. The man then disappeared and has yet to be found. Then authorities took more than 8 hours before sending out a HAZMAT team to clean it up. Not a […]


If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Ignore ‘Em

There were no overt surprises in the President’s address to the nation. Since late last week, the basic outline of the speech had been reprinted throughout the MSM and blogosphere. And it should be no surprise that Bush is remaining true to form, that is, as myopic and stubborn as ever. Despite the fact that […]


Homeland Security Help with Pictures!

The US government has a new website, It’s run by the Department of Homeland Security and is supposed to provide answers to everyday questions regarding emergency situations. And they even offer pictures so there can be no confusion as to what you are supposed to do in an extreme situation. The fun thing is […]


Recent Developments in the War on Terror with a Special Appearance from the Axis of Evil

Law Enforcement Continuing to Succeed Where War Fails While it becomes increasingly clear that Bush’s war of choice in Iraq only produces more terrorists and does nothing to address the real problems associated with international terrorism, in Italy, we are once again shown that diligent, competant law enforcement can and does dismantle terror cells without […]


A Speech Goebbels Would Be Proud Of

Last night, on the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, President Bush addressed the nation with a speech that can only be described as an attempt to ‘catapult the propaganda’ yet one more time. Speaking from the Oval Office, Bush again used the events of September 11, 2001 to further politicize America’s security and […]