In 2006, voters turned out the Republican majority that had turned Congressinto a rubber-stamping machine for an idiot president. Their hope-no, their insistence- that our government stop the abuses of power perpetrated by an executive branch run amok, gave Democrats a slim majority in the Senate and a slightly larger majority in the House. The 2006 elections also swept into power this nations first female Speaker of the House-an historical event that in retrospect is more historical not for the gender barrier that had been broken, but for the total inadequacy displayed the entire Demcoratic leadership in the face of voter angst and demand for a changed course for this country.

So, what has the 110th Congress accomplished? Not a whole hell of a lot that’s been good. They have capitulated to the executive branch on all things related to the Iraq War, including belatedly excusing some of the most egregious lapses of legal action ever undertaken by a president and his administration. They have continued to allow unfettered waste of taxpayer dollars, they have emboldened our Lunatic-in-Chief in his quest to spread his “democracy building project” into Iran, and they have helped create this country’s largest ever deficit.

But wait- they haven’t done nothing…

Out of a total 260 laws this Congress has passed, 74 separate laws that had the effectof them were the naming of post offices. And they’ve been very busy passing non-binding resolutions, including one that declared soil an “essential resource” and another to congratulate the UC-Irvine volleyball team.

From Parade Magazine:

Rep. John Shimkus (R., Ill.) introduced a resolution to recognize June 30 as National Corvette Day. “It’s probably not the best use of our time,” he says, “but we have to do something. These resolutions make it look like we’re working.”

Shimkus blames the Democrats for failing to introduce more substantive legislation. Democrats, in turn, blame Republicans for blocking key votes, contending that Senate Republicans have attempted a record number of filibusters this session.

Enough of this bullshit already! We tossed out the Republicans for (among the many things) driving this nation into the wallets of corporate war profiteers and energy barons. We should toss the damn Democrats now too for being such worthless enablers.

Too bad the two parties have so successfully eliminated any chance of other parties breaking their do-nothing monopoly. What this government needs is an enema! Or at the very least a new breed of politicians with a spine, a sense of stewardship and service, and who aren’t for sale to the highest bidder.

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