Much Ado About Many Things

When I woke up this morning, my roof was still covering me from the elements of nature, my bed and blankets were still keeping me warm. I enjoyed a nice hot shower and slipped into some newly purchased apparel and went downstairs to get breakfast for my daughter and myself. After getting her safely on […]


More on Torture and Democracy

It seems that the American people stand in stark contrast to the Bush Administration when it comes to humane treatment. The evidence of this comes as both the House and Senate resoundingly denied the administration any further leg to stand on when it comes to torture. Bills passing in both houses roundly, and rightly, condemn […]


The Trouble With Torture

The United States government is complicit or actively engaged in the torture of terror suspects. U.S. prosecutors have admitted as much when they dropped several charges against alleged “dirty bomber” Jose Padilla late last month because the testimony supporting those charges had been obtained from informants under torture. The White House admits as much in […]