Let us hope that this is true.

For those of you who missed it, here is the full text of President Obama’s inaugural speech.

As a new day dawns in American governance, let us all hope together for success. But let us not forget to hold accountable those who promise to do so much. Not just Obama, but all those in government or leaders of industry and business whose decisions make or break America. Let us renew our own potential for good and honor by moving forward into a new future together.

This is not to say that we should all agree on all things at all times, for not all paths available are the right ones. But let us move from an era of nasty discourse and wanton demonization for the sport of it towards an enlightened era where ideas are put forth and debated onĀ their meritsĀ and not the faults of the thinker. Let us work together to make better choices for ourselves and our children and our neighbors, friends and families. Let us take the things that drive us apart and put them in the ground with the hope that they will be replaced by a spirit of healthy cooperation and conscientious policies.

Let us not be encumbered by past attitudes or enmities, even as we look to right the wrongs of the last eight years. Instead, let us wash away those legacies that drag us down while embracing those ideas that can propel us forward.

As we move forward, let us not be burdened by old ways of thinking, but let us explore new possibilities to solve old problems. For in the end, it is not me vs. you or Dem. vs. Rep. that will restore our nation to glory. It is not us vs. them either. It is just us. All of us, working together for a better day, a better America, a better world.

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