We all need a vacation now and then, and my time has arrived. I will not be posting again until the 24th of July. In the meantime, I encourage you to take a look through the archive listing for some thoughts you may have missed or visit some of the links from my Blogroll. I welcome comments to archived essays, but won’t be able to reply until my return. Until then, happy reading, commenting, and I’ll be back soon.

Archived Essays are listed here by date and title. To access a specific post, simply correspond the essay date with the weekly archive dates at the right. Click on the weekly link that your chosen essay’s date falls into.

(Introductory Essays)
1-4-05 “A Return to Common Sense”
1-5-05 “What is Common Sense?”
1-6-05 “America, America”
1-8-05 “Not My Party”
1-10-05 “Freedom Isn’t Free”
1-13-05 “Making a Case for Rapid Reform”
1-16-05 “Specific Steps You Can Take Now”

(Reforming The Judicial System)
1-18-05 “A False Sense of Security”
1-20-05 “Reforming Our Justice System”
1-24-05 “Criminal Justice Reformed”
1-27-05 “A New Day in Criminal Court”
1-30-05 “Making Crime Pay”
2-1-05 “Is That Really A Crime?”
2-3-05 “And Justice For All”

(Reforming the Legal Code)
2-6-05 “Morality and the Law”
2-9-05 “Ending the War on Drugs”
2-10-05 “Sex, Morality, and the Law”
2-13-05 “The Right to Die”
2-16-05 “The Abortion Debate”
2-18-05 “Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That…”

(On National Security)
2-21-05 “WANTED: National Security That Makes Sense”
2-24-05 “A Line in the Sand”
2-27-05 “Foreign Relations Roulette”
3-2-05 “Wielding a Big Stick”
3-6-05 “You Call That Intelligence?”
3-9-05 “The Effects of Immigration on National Security”
3-12-05 “Brother, Can You Spare A Gun?”

(Discussing Infrastructure)
3-16-05 “The Framework of Society”
3-19-05 “Man vs. Earth (A Fight to the Finish?)
3-22-05 “The Future of Energy”
3-28-05 “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle”
4-1-05 “Mayberry or Metropolis?”
4-5-05 “From Here to There and Back Again”

(On Social Programs)
4-10-05 “Social Consciousness Or Social Charade”
4-13-05 “The Purpose of Public Education”
4-17-05 “A Nation of Teachers”
4-20-05 “Realistic Expectations For Successful Education”
4-24-05 “School Funding and Local Control”
4-28-05 “Poverty, Homelessness, and Hunger”
5-3-05 “Defining Social Security”
5-6-05 “Crafting a National Pension Plan”
5-9-05 “The National Whole Life Pension Plan”
5-13-05 “Salvaging Social Security’s Retirement Benefits”
5-17-05 “Is There A Doctor In The House?”
5-22-05 “Your Money or Your Life- the Costs of Health Care”
5-26-05 “The Doctor Will Be With You Shortly…”
5-30-05 “ Affordable Health Care Does Not Mean Free Health Care”

(On Politics I)
6-4-05 “A Necessary Digression”

(Cultural Issues)
6-8-05 “Society and Politics”
6-13-05 “A Tolerant Society”
6-17-05 “Are You Really A Victim?”
6-22-05 “Family Values?”
6-26-05 “What Every Kid Needs to Know”
7-1-05 “Some Thoughts on Philanthropy”
7-5-05 “The New Fourth Estate”
7-10-05 “That’s (Mass) Entertainment