Top US Think Tank Stating The Obvious-U.S. “War On Terror” Wrong Way To Combat Terrorism

Take a look at the following headlines: Foiling Terror Plots Doesn’t Take An Army (August 10, 2006) Law Enforcement Continuing To Succeed Where War Fails (October 4, 2006) New Alleged Terror Plot Thwarted-Again Without Destroying A Foreign Country (June 2, 2007) U.S. Should Rethink “War On Terrorism” Strategy to Deal with Resurgent Al Qaida (July […]


Israeli Official: “Attack On Iran Unavoidable”

Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shaul Mofaz has told Israeli newspaper reporters that sanctions against Iran were not working and that an Israeli attack against Iran’s nuclear development sites was becoming “unavoidable.” “If Iran continues with its program for developing nuclear weapons, we will attack it. The sanctions are ineffective,” Shaul Mofaz told the mass-circulation Yedioth […]


Bush Plan Seeks To Keep US In Iraq Indefinitely, Tie Hands Of Next President

Today’s media has conditioned us to view “official” denials of events as proof that the story is true. Whether it is the latest celebrity gossip (so and so are breaking up- no they aren’t- oops, yes they did) or news from the government (The U.S. does not torture- wait, yes we do), whenever an “official […]


Most Tax Dollars Spent On Military

Now that you’ve finished your taxes for the year, I thought a little refresher on where those tax dollars are being spent would be in order. So without further adieu, here is where your federal tax dollars are spent: MOST TAX DOLLARS SPENT ON MILITARY Out of every tax dollar collected by the US government, […]


"I Think It’s Important For The President To Lay Out A Timetable…"

On the day before Bush is set to veto a war funding bill that includes a withdrawal timetable for US troops, let’s examine some past remarks from our Dear Leader… This post’s title words were said by current president George W. Bush, way back in 1999 when he was just a lowly governor from Texas […]


Fighting For Something That Was Never There To Begin With

No, I’m not talking about the WMD’s that were going to appear in a “mushroom cloud” if American failed to dethrone Saddam Hussein. I’m talking about the unified, democratic Iraq theory that is now driving America’s misguided military misadventure. But the two are cut from the same cloth. Just as there never were any significant […]


Pentagon Must Not Have Gotten The Memo- Says Iraq In Civil War

In a report released yesterday the Pentagon has admitted that at least some of the conflict occurring in Iraq can’t be described as anything other than “civil war.” I guess somebody didn’t get the memo from the Bush Administration that you aren’t allowed to use the words “Iraq,” “Civil,” and “War” all in the same […]


Piece By Piece, Administration Exposed

(The last week or so has exposed even more the callousness and crookedness of the Bush Administration. From some of my posts over at Bring It On!…) No ‘Plan B’ For Iraq If Surge Fails In what has become typical Team Bush fashion, it turns out that there is no Plan B for Iraq if […]


Bush Doctrine of Outsourcing Government Directly Responsible for Meltdown At Walter Reed

I’ve said it before– that President Bush’s zealous drive to ‘outsource’ as much of the federal government as possible to his corporate benefactors under the guise of ‘smaller, more efficient government’ is little more than a transfer of wealth from the masses to the few. Another tragic result of such massive outsourcing has been the […]


What’s $3 Billion Between Friends? (Throwing Money Away In Iraq)

As President Bush prepares to ask Congress to throw another $1.2 billion dollars into the gaping maw that is the Iraq Reconstruction Fund, a recent report from the independent Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction shows that at least $3 Billion has been wasted in such efforts since US demolition reconstruction efforts began in 2003. […]